About This Project

In the Press’s first project, we worked with the Latina community of Des Moines, Iowa on the book The Ones I Bring With Me/Los que llevo conmigo. Just like all the other projects, this book’s main goal was to show a community that often got overlooked in Des Moines, Iowa. We worked with Latinas, and focused on the importance of education and the Latinas’ journey in overcoming the barriers that prevented them from getting an education. We worked with the group Al Éxito.


Al Éxito. strives to teach young Latinas/Latinos the importance of education after high school. This collaboration brought out the young Latina’s voice. Carol Spaulding-Kruse, the founder and executive producer of  the Press, had this to say of the book, “If you know what it means to be a Latina before reading this book, be prepared to have your ideas altered.”