After the successful launch of Above and Beyond Cancer and a small hiatus, the people of the DCP are now in the beginning stages of building a new project focused on the environment and what it means to be a witness to climate change today. We are thrilled to once again be in conversation with professors from all areas of study and we look forward to collaborating with a new community partner.

Our Most Recent Project

The DCP has been partnered with Above + Beyond Cancer to create a series of overlapping narratives about the cancer experience.  From healthcare professionals, to high school students, to a worldwide journey to summit mountains, hear the story of cancer from the people that have survived it.  The DCP and Above + Beyond Cancer have been working with dozens of cancer patients to find out what the experience means to them: what they learned from it, what they gained, and what they lost.

The DCP is currently in the editing process with the Above + Beyond Cancer project.  Our team is working to edit and fact check quotes, build chapters, and work with patients in order to get the book ready for launch in the Spring of 2020!  For more information, you can see the ongoing DCP blog about the editing process, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages every Monday for updates!

Visit their website:

This book was made possible by generous funding from donors. View the full list here.

Past Projects