Speaking With: A labor of love

In March, the Drake Community Press branched out into a new medium: audio. We combined intern CJ Younger’s interviewing skills with video intern Gable Thompson’s editing skills to record the first episode of our new podcast, Speaking With. As publishing expands across new modes and platforms, podcasting is a great way to share our process and history with readers. It’s conversational and human—each episode consists of me, Gable, and our guest on a Zoom call as we chat about the DCP and what it means to us. 


Speaking With started from a selfish standpoint: I was in a podcast-discovery phase and wanted to try my hand at hosting. I brought it up at our weekly intern Power Hour in March and by April we had our first episode. The first month taught us a lot. When we discovered our favorite song “Autumn in Ganymede” was copyrighted, we had to scramble to find new intro music–by Drake’s own Andy Classen, no less. We had to figure out publishing on a new platform and get into a new editing and feedback groove. No doubt, we’ll keep learning.


My takeaway from the podcast has nothing to do with interviewing or editing, but with valuing quality over timelines. I have always been taught deadlines were absolute, so when we passed the proposed publishing date for the first episode not once, but twice, I got frustrated. I asked why we couldn’t just publish what we had and improve it down the line. To me, missing a deadline was worse than publishing substandard content. Carol saw my frustration, and explained that our podcast should not be defined by our deadlines, but by the quality of the episode. We were fortunate to have the time to work on it until it was the best it could be, and as Carol said, “deadlines can be changed more easily than a poor impression.”


Understanding this, the podcast episodes have gone from a rushed race to a labor of love, work important enough to spend as much time as it takes on it. I hope this effort shines through when our first episode is released.