The Truth About the DCP (From Our Newest Intern)

As a journalism major, I seek truth in the world around me and report it. As a writer, I find the truth in myself and put it on the page. Both facets of my identity center on the concept of what is true and what is not; however, in journalism the truth is external and in writing the truth is internal.

These two aspects of truth meet in the Drake Community Press. We seek truth in our world and then dig deeper to share the truths of the people living in it. The DCP is a community builder and collaborator, working to spread these truths in meaningful ways.

I never expected to intern with a book publisher, and yet after just a month, I’ve realized this is exactly where I need to be. After joining the DCP, our senior intern Gabbie asked me to read our 2014 title A Spectrum of Faith to learn more about our work. As I read about Ezan establishing a new home in a foreign country and Matthew’s journey participating in the Ramadan fast with them, I found within myself a deep desire to be a bigger part of our next project.

Everyone in the DCP, from Planning Council members to interns, has their own truth that drives them. When I interviewed to become an intern, my truth of being a writer and a lover of these truths shone through. I want to write stories, both fictitious and real, that personify the truth of an individual into something universal. I joined the DCP with a vague idea of my truth and already it’s blossomed into something tangible.

It’s only my first month with the DCP, but already I’ve seen the ingenuity of the interns as we brainstorm social media posts and the intelligent passion of the focus group as we discuss what it means to be an environmental witness. I’ve spoken at length with Carol about the purpose and unique structure of the DCP for our new podcast. In writing this blog post, I gained more insight into my own truth and purpose.

As one of our readers, you may be searching for your truth and how it might relate to the DCP. Here’s a hint: the truth about the DCP is that it’s for everyone. No matter your passion, your talent or your truth, you have something to contribute to the DCP, and we would love to hear it.

– CJ Younger