Pro H2O Takeaways

Our interns Gabbie Melms, Gable Thompson, Lizzie Deal, and CJ Younger helped out at IEC’s Pro H2O Fundraiser on Thursday, September 16. They spoke to members in the community passionate about water conservation in Iowa. Here’s what they had to say:

“[ProH2O] is a fun combination of educational programming and a cocktail party. We try to put those two things together so that we’re having fun while we’re protecting the environment.”
—Jordan Bles, IEC Director of Fundraising and Development

“To me, the most important thing about water quality right now is that we’re hurting future generations of opportunities here in the state of Iowa. Water quality is not a political subject, it’s something that we all need. We need more recreational opportunities. We need better water quality.”
—David Thoreson, Environmental Activist

“It’s our freedom to have clean water.”
—Christine Curry

“Water quality is really critical for the future of Iowa. If we want people to live here and see the quality of life continue and improve, we need to do something about our water. It’s a problem we’ve put off too long. We know the solutions—it’s time to start addressing it.”
—Duane Hovorka, Agriculture Program Director of Defenders of Soil, Air, Woods, Waters and Wildlife

“We love to be outside. It’s really important to us to have our sanity and to be able to go outside and just breathe in nature. [I am] really grateful to be able to support this.”
—Sue Mattison, Drake University Provost

“There are a lot of people who care about clean water, clean energy, climate change, and the future of Iowa. I hope we have more that fall into that category soon.”
—John Schmidt, IEC Board of Directors

“I love going to the lake here in West Des Moines with my dogs. I am concerned to let them go in the water because the water quality has been so bad. I worry about their health. I just want to have clean water so that I can enjoy it, and so my kids will be able to enjoy clean water.”
—Tina Neustrom

“Water is life. It reflects on the health of our soil and also our own personal health. Once we contaminate it, there’s no getting it back.”
—Monte Marti, President—IEC Board of Directors