What’s Up with “Writing With?”

If there’s one thing that we at the DCP live by, it’s “writing with.” The phrase describes the collaborative interactions that take our books from an idea to a physical form. The cooperation between writers, designers, content gatherers, and planners contributes to the core idea of “writing with”—together, we can create a more authentic, higher-quality product than we could individually.

Although we aren’t creating copy for our next project yet, “writing with” still guides how we approach our work. We’re currently exploring the idea of environmental witness, climate change, and what a sustainable book looks like. None of us has all the answers to these questions, but each of us plays a part in creating the answer. Lately, we’ve been brainstorming with professors and students, bouncing ideas off of each other, honing our focus, and getting closer to what is plausible.

Our Focus Groups “write with” because they provide a voice to every person involved. No matter what your academic interests or background, whether it’s environmental science, design, or English, there’s a way for everyone to get involved.

So, what’s next for the DCP?

Our core Planning Council will begin meeting soon; from there, we will widen the circle to include community stakeholders interested in collaborating on this project. We’re also entering the grant writing phase to fund both our current work and the eventual publishing of our final product. Seven Drake faculty members have already committed to teaching courses in partnership with our project from Fall 2021 to Spring 2023 in five different disciplines.

-Lizzie Deal