What “Writing with” Means to me

The idea of “Writing with” isn’t a common one, but as the current Senior Editor for the Drake Community Press (DCP), it is a concept by which I live. “Writing with” is a fairly new theory that guides professional and personal development in the workplace. It encompasses everything that we value here at the DCP: “Our process is flexible, interactive, and jointly created & defined. It is aimed at sustainable learning outcomes whose benefits are evident to all participants (DCP Core Values).” The process is just as important as the end result itself.

The notion of “Writing with” influences everything we do. The logistics of our projects and book publications are made not by one person, but by a collective understanding of where the project is headed. It is critical to note, therefore, that “Writing with” is anything but an academic platitude. “Writing with” is rooted in the growing area of community writing research, a field that the work of the press and our founder Carol Spaulding-Kruse largely contributes to. During my year’s time with the DCP, I have learned as much about myself and my colleagues as I have about my work as an editor. The nature of the process prompts individuals to take their learning into their own hands. “Writing with” is not forceful, nor is it especially lax, it rests in the middle gray area for growth to be defined.

-Madelyn Bjork, Senior Editor Drake Community Press